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6/12/2018--Greetings CRISPR Engineers! ...READ MORE

6/12/2018--Greetings CRISPR Engineers!

New and returning users: welcome to the CRISPR design platform, maintained by the Zhang lab at the Broad Insitute since 2013. Those of you who've been coming here for a while will have noticed that the tool has remained functional in its current form for almost 5 years. First released in conjunction with Hsu, 2013's off-target binding analysis for CRISPR Cas 9, we're proud of the current tool and grateful that so many users have been able to take advantage of its capabilities to plan reliable experiments with minimal off-target effects.

The current tool will stay up in its current form but as CRISPR becomes more important to our lab and so many others, we are also looking to the future. To keep-pace with the maturation and increasing importance of CRISPR technologies over the past several years and the increasingly diverse kinds of experiments which are being carried out by you all, we are excited to be launching a series of significant improvements which will bring this web tool into the future to better serve our users, including a broader suite of tools for robustly targeting full genes in new organisms and using new technologies in addition to CRISPR Cas9.

The V2 tool will include these things and additional planned features, but in the spirit of good science, we wanted to show our work and share your feedback, the new site as soon as possible. Please enjoy a first glimpse here:

This is a very early version, and we're excited to get your feedback to make it better--so check it out, submit a query, and let us know what you think. We will be opening up a discussin on the forum shortly, and with any questions or comments for now, please email

Cheers, and good luck with your work, intrepid pioneers!

--The Zhang Lab

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